If you are a company, organization, association or even a community looking to educate your employees, clients or neighbors about federal benefits. We can arrange an in-person seminar or remote webinar where we will address a general overview of the programs the Social Security Administration oversees.

social security benefits - seminar and education for everyone


Employers are required to pay half of Social Security and Medicare tax burden. Are you and/or your employees interested in learning about what programs are covered by these taxes? Maybe you have had employee’s become injured and are curious how to direct them depending on how and where they got hurt or maybe how long they might be out of work for. Maybe you have had an employee lose a spouse and are looking for ways to help guide them during their time of need.

We can answer all these questions and more with a seminar. Whether you want it to be HR related or the company as a whole we can educate you and your employee’s how these program can benefit you through the various situations life throws your way.


At some point, whether at a neighborhood gathering, at the pool, or just bumping into one another during a walk, it’s not uncommon for people to discuss Social Security benefits. Often times, people in similar situations will share what type of benefit they get and why. Where the intention is coming from a good place, often times the correct information or detail is missed. Those types of interactions can often lead to uncertainty, confusion, frustration or concern.

At Social Benefit Advisors, we are ready to help address any doubt you, your friends or neighbors may have. It gives you the opportunity to learn and discuss basic benefit entitlements from the Social Security Administration and Medicare.


Are you a member of seniors group? Maybe a veterans organization or the local YMCA? Is there someone in your club or association that is a widow? Maybe you know someone who recently became disabled or passed away and has a family?

Maybe your club or association have a curiosity of Social Security and Medicare benefits and want to know more about them. Give us a call and we can put together a event to address any questions you may have, contact us today!


Our training and educational seminars offer valuable information. Whether you are interested in social security benefits planning or need assistance with a previous claim analysis.

We can help! Submit a callback request to speak with learn more about our training and educational seminars.